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Mixed results from study of mammogram tool

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About Prof.Dr.Bischara Ali Egal

The Somali Mental Health Center, Inc. Is a Non – governmental, non –profit, Charitable Psychiatric & Medical Aid center, registered in Ottawa, Canada, with and OPD Center in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Since its inception in 1995. The Somali Mental Health Center , Inc. has served over 35.000 mental health patients in our center .We have taken the practical steps of establishing a main out patient department (OPD)in Mogadishu – The capital city , and the out laying rural regions of Benadir , Middle and Lower Shabele;, The encouragement of Research on Somali Mental Health Diseases and causes ; advocacy and Training fro Psychiatric Community Workers (PCWs) ; the Establishment and Maintenance of professional standards in Somalia  and care and service for HIV/AIDS patients who exhibit psychiatric symptoms because of HIV/AIDS infection Read More.